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Our Strategy

Our Core Values


Our Vision

To build long term relationships with our customers by consistently providing exceptional quality mushrooms, through creating more efficient work processes to improve productivity and performance, and being recognized as the preferred mushroom grower in Australia.

Our Mission

To consistently provide quality products under time sensitive schedules, making us the preferred choice for quality mushrooms in Queensland.

Our company mission statement incorporates the following key elements:

  • To consistently supply products and services of the highest possible quality.

  • Focusing our marketing resources on expansion and growth. 

  • Maintaining our existing clients through ongoing sales, providing quality service, products & price.

  • Constantly investing in the training and development of staff and equipment.

  • Strive to maintain our position within the market and keep abreast of the continually changing requirements of the mushroom industry and changes within the economy.


We believe in treating our customers and each other with total respect.


We integrate honesty, integrity, and strong work ethics into all aspects of our business.


We ‘believe in quality’ throughout all our processes - It's what keeps us focussed on producing quality 'long-lasting' mushrooms.


We stand by our word - what we say is what we do 

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