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Our Mushrooms

The main products produced and sold by SjW Mushrooms are:-

  • White Buttons

  • White Flats

  • Swiss Browns

  • Swiss Flats


All mushrooms are sold ‘loose’ and packaged in SjW branded boxes, which contain 4kg of mushrooms. 

‘Pre-pack’ mushrooms are not currently provided, but will be available when the business expands to the new Glasshouse Mountain facility from December 2019.

Unlike some competitors, all SjW mushrooms are ‘vacuum cooled’, where they are put into a machine that brings their core temperature down to 2 degrees very quickly. This means SjW mushrooms will stay fresh for a lot longer.


Therefore, a bag of SjW mushrooms will still retain their distinctive fresh colors 2 weeks later if stored correctly in a refrigerator. 

white button muhrooms


White Button mushrooms range from tiny thumbnail size up to 65mm diameter with smooth rounded caps and short truncated stems.

Their flavor is mild when raw and more fragrant and meaty when cooked. 

swiss brown mushrooms


Swiss Browns are a brown button mushroom that has a bold, robust flavour.


They can be eaten raw, but also add a stronger mushroom flavour to cooked dishes.

Swiss Mushrooms are what the good cooks use for stronger flavour.

white brown flat mushrooms


Love them or loathe them, mushrooms are one fungi you really should get to know better. ... The mature flat mushrooms are fully opened with visible gills.


They are large in size and have a full-bodied, robust flavour.

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